High School Capstone Projects?

Answer The best way to accurately assess the preparedness of a student body for life after high school is an ongoing debate. Although many states turn to high stakes testing and grade point average as the... Read More »

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Capstone Projects for Graduates?

A capstone project demonstrates a student's knowledge of a subject and his ability to apply that knowledge to solve problems in the real world. It usually takes an entire semester to complete the r... Read More »

Capstone Projects for Social Science?

A capstone project is a culminating activity required by some schools. Through a capstone project, students demonstrate that they are able to plan and conduct independent research, organize the inf... Read More »

High School PI Day Projects?

On March 14th, or 3/14, you can celebrate "Pi Day" with a range of activities and projects centered around the mathematical value "pi," which rounds to approximately 3.14159. Among your celebration... Read More »

Projects for High School?

Projects give high school students the opportunity to show teachers what they are learning in class. The projects are a great way for the teachers to test student knowledge without an examination, ... Read More »