High Quality Video Camera?

Answer 1) MiniDV tape continues to provide the best available video quality. DV and HDV are much less compressed than the other consumer storage media available. Take the hint from the professionals:http:... Read More »

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Shall I buy a video camera or photo camera for taking high quality video?

This link should help you decide…

What Kind of High End, HD Video Camera should I get for High End Quality DVD filming?

Well there is a big market! I'm asuming you are looking at the high-end of the consumer market, as opposed to the pro market.At the lower end of the high end (!) sits the Sony HDR-FX7. It still giv... Read More »

Video camera high quality for low price?

Ok.. given school, you need to be sure you're getting a camcorder that can work with the school computers. Most will, but for example, if the class isn't video-oriented, they may not have Firewire,... Read More »

What is a high quality, but cheap, video camera for making youtube videos?

Step 1: Set a budget.Any camcorder will do if the lighting is *great* and a steadying device (not handheld) is used."a few hundred dollars" gets you into the range of entry-level consumer camcorder... Read More »