High Pitched Sounds That Cause Dogs to Bark?

Answer Barking is the canine way of communication. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons: announcing a visitor at the door, trying to get their owner's attention or reacting to a sound outside of the home. U... Read More »

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High pitched sounds in ear since accident?

I think the best option is to go and see a doctor asap as anything could be going on, sounds to me that you may have ruptured your ear drum resulting in tinitus, which is a sound that's comstantly ... Read More »

What could cause a high pitched sound come from a wall when a vacuum cleaner hose is around?

Of course not until yo plug it in and connected it to a drain line

What's that high pitched sound you hear when someone has a TV on?

You have good ears. It is the high frequency pulse of the flyback transformer. That is part of what draws the picture on a picture tube. Older TVs are rely bad that way. When I was a kid and teen, ... Read More »

I have a 32" tv that is making a short high pitched buzzing noise every couple minutes. Can I fix it?

Please don't take the back of the tv off good chance you will get killed that way you probably have a ground problem make sure your cable or/and house is grounded good try to plug the tv into a dif... Read More »