High Culture Poll : What Potent Potion Do You Keep ?

Answer Indeed sir you are a con man. Yes indeed. I have, in the past, been duped by these grifting type questions by the likes of Rotter and Sir Bobblebottom etc., who sole intention was to determine one'... Read More »

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Why did keep Dr Jekyll taking the potion?

he was addicted Dr, Jekyll was investigating the phenomena that the drug produces, namely removing all goodness from a person, leaving only evil. At first he kept taking the drug to move from one c... Read More »

Classroom Ideas on How to Teach Greek Culture to High School Students?

Ancient Greek culture has impacted modern Western society in myriad ways, despite the fact it has been millenia since its rise and fall. We still feel its influence in the origins of science, philo... Read More »

Your grand daughter age 7 has had 2 uti since march with high fever Tests still hematauria as well as leucocytes in her urine Her culture was neg What could the prob be More test in July?

Re-check the lab slip because most labs record platelets as you reported BUT further down you will note it is in the thousands.A normal platelet count for a child is: 250,000 - 450,000.

POLL: all middle schhool-high school girls!?