High CPU usage.. Long Boot times?

Answer there are a few things that could be causing this, first things first run a defrag on your hard-drive. That is the number one performance killer. Second, make sure you aren't running unneccesary pr... Read More »

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Why is CPU usage so high in Vista?

Windows Vista is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft as a successor to Windows XP. A computer running Vista may experience high processor usage for several reasons, some of which are... Read More »

High CPU Usage in Firefox 3.0.7?

Windows has a tool called Task Manger that users can reference to see how their system handles processes and utilizes resources. When Firefox has a high CPU usage, it is causing the computer to wor... Read More »

High CPU Usage With Flash?

Since Macromedia Flash utilizes a computer's CPU to handle animations, computations and other processes within a Flash file, this can sometimes result in CPU usage rising to abnormal levels. This c... Read More »

Reasons for High CPU Usage?

When your computer seems to be running slower than usual, you can open the Windows Task Manager to find what's causing your computer's CPU usage to spike. Generally, high CPU usage is caused by som... Read More »