Hidden ingredients that aren't vegan?

Answer Tallow lard gelatin certain pigments are made of animal sourced materials. So if you paint you need to look that up too. I know a certain shade of yellow is made by making cows eat a certain kind o... Read More »

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Proof that norton and Mcaeffe arent bad?

The whole anti virus thing is a joke! There isnt any one of them free or paid that will detect all viruses and malware! Consider the fact that at least one virus is put on the net per week. It take... Read More »

Vegan parents, would you take advantage of charity programs that couldn't provide vegan options?

Tell me, are these hypothetical charities also telling Jewish parents that they can't guarantee that their kids won't be fed pork, or parents of coeliac children that they can't guarantee their chi... Read More »

Being vegan, what are some good sources of iron and zinc foods / ingredients?

Insofar as Iron -Iron mg Bran flakes, 1 cup 11.0 Oatmeal, 1 packet 6.3 Pasta, 1 cup, cooked 1.7 Semolina, Cream of wheat, 1/2 cup cooked 5.5 Wheat germ, 2 tablespoon 1.2 Whole wheat bread, 1 slice ... Read More »

What does meat have that vegetarians arent getting?

"besides protein and B-12."You do know that lentils have more protein per 100g than meat, right? And if you are a vegetarian you get B12 from eggs and cheese?The only thing I can think you might be... Read More »