Hiccup cure?

Answer It's an accupressure point called 'Tian Tu' (Conception Vessel 22). There's another point for hiccups on the back just below the shoulder blades, in the furrows on either side of the spine, right ... Read More »

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What’s your best hiccup cure?

Bend over forward and drink a glass of water. It's the only thing that works for me.

Why do I hiccup all the time?

maybe you're chronically dehydrated. i believe that can cause hiccups.

What are you doing when you hiccup?

When me and the Horse are trotting along I hiccup- When we run full speed I start to sneeze!

Would the loud squeaky noise be a hiccup?

It could have been a "gasp", where the person gulped air into their lungs.... or expelled air from their lungs....ORYes, it could have been a hiccup!