Hibiscus Tree Bugs?

Answer An hibiscus tree is a variety that can grow in tropical and cold climates. It has dark green leaves and produces large flowers, which can be pink, red or purple in color. The hibiscus, while being ... Read More »

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Bugs on Hibiscus Plants?

The hibiscus is best known for its glossy, dark-green leaves and large, brightly colored blossoms that often stretch several inches across. Although this shrub is relatively hardy, it can fall vict... Read More »

How do I take care of a hibiscus tree?

Watering and Fertilizer NeedsGive hibiscus trees 1 inch of water per week or enough to keep the soil moist. Adjust watering according to weather conditions. Apply a slow-release balanced fertilizer... Read More »

Fertilizer for a Hibiscus Tree?

Hibiscus trees are known for their dark foliage and colorful blooms, and they are a showcase in any outdoor garden or indoor display. Like other healthy flowering plants, hibiscus trees need fertil... Read More »

Can you plant a hibiscus tree outside?

Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) are tender tropical plants that cannot withstand freezing temperatures for long. In northern climates, they need to be brought indoors during cold months. They can... Read More »