Hi whats best camcorder with the options below...?

Answer JVCs are excellent but just about any cam will do

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Whats the difference between a $200 HD camcorder and a $2,000 HD camcorder besides features?

Video quality and the user's control over it are HUGE differences. On a $200 camcorder, expect little to no manual zoom (specifically optical zoom) or focus. Expect highly compressed formats like... Read More »

Is there a camcorder or dslr with external mic options?

The Sony UWP-V1 Wireless Lavalier is a good wireless audio system.The clip-on mic connects using a thin wire to the battery-powered body pack.The body pack send the audio wirelessly to the battery ... Read More »

Whats the best camcorder i can buy for under £300.00?

Hi!There are lots of camcorders on the market around this price at the moment. The most popular camera of these seems to be the Sony SR-34, which has massively dropped in price recently and can now... Read More »

Camcorder !! Whats the best for us to buy ?

An important factor in price is where you buy the camera. I recommend B&H ( They have the best price on everything, and an incredible selection as well. I've bought all my ... Read More »