Hi what is the best way to drink Jack Daniels?

Answer with coke or tonic. I like it with diet coke. You can put it in coffee w/ cream and sugar (Irish coffee). Thats great, too.

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Should I drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and hit the town?

Hello froggy, why not try a drop of the real stuff, proper whisky, not that flavoured stuff you yanks have created, and mind the ocean bed when you hit it

-poll- For those of you who drink Jack Daniels (regular, with no mixer) what is your prefered way of doing so?

Straight from the barrel is great. I did that once while on tour. They were dumping the barrels and allowed us to dip a finger in and take a taste. Fresh and smooth, it was alive with wood flavour.... Read More »

How is gentleman jack different to jack daniels?

gentleman jack is smoother. I like it alot, not a big JD fan in general but gentleman jack is way smoother

How do I age Jack Daniels?

PositionStore the unopened Jack Daniels upright. Do not lay the bottle down as you would with wine. If the storage environment is appropriate and the bottle has been corked correctly, the cork will... Read More »