Hi what can i put in bagels for lunch?

Answer cream cheese, sliced cucumbers, a slice of smoked turkey or ham, bean sprouts, etc.

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My hubby & teenager have to carry lunch daily. Give me nutritious, non messy ( in the lunch box ), tasty?

why dont u make fried rice? use yesterday's remaining rice and fry it with garlic, any meat of ur choice, mixed vegetables and eggs. if there is a microwave they can heat it up if not u can still e... Read More »

Are bagels usually vegan?

They do not use milk in them, they are flour, salt, malt extract, water, there are ones with egg in the dough but not all, some when the boil them before baking use sugar or honey in the water, thi... Read More »

What kind of bagels do you like?

EVERYTHING bagels! also, asiago cheese and jalepeno bagelsbruggers bagels are the best!!

When can I pick my bagels?

Lucky for you, bagels reach maturity at only half the time that doughnuts do. Plain bagels only take an average of 54 days to maturity. Chocolate chip takes about another week or so for the choco... Read More »