Hi was wondering if some one could help me x?

Answer Umm.. with..?

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Just wondering but...?

I was the same way i never knew i needed glasses because you think that everyone's vison is the same way but you should go and get your eyes checked out just to be sure.(and don't be afriad of what... Read More »

HELP just wondering....if anyone.....?

probably that or you u lost a lot of blood or u didn't get enough sleep or u didn't eat or u r getting sick or ur on drugs or ur Just cold....but to be on the safe side see a doctor to get checked up!

I was wondering.....................…?

Not currently, however there are treatments and preventative measures. A cure means you will be completely absolved of the problem forever. A treatment is a management. Like chemo can rid a person... Read More »

Just Wondering......!?