Hi this is fo Veggy folks, :)?

Answer If it has only been a week I am positive that it will be fine.

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Hi , this is on veggy burgers ,?

Are you using any binding agent at all? Do they have too much or too little moisture in them?

Serious question folks... NO idea I had to do this...?

UNcircumcised aka intact penises should never be retracted by the parent, that should be left to the child when they are old enough to do so and the foreskin moves easily. Some foreskins are not r... Read More »

This realy happend folks..what dose it mean............?

I think you have a very kind Dr. who has compassion for her patients when she knows they are going through some emotionally difficult times. I'm sure she recognizes that you're a caring person who ... Read More »

Hey folks, I need your mind on this...Which of the following website names sounds best to you ?

I like #4 best.I think #7 sounds like the Salvation Army of something.Not bodobuy. I looked at dealstun and though it was dealstuD!