Hi people! question about my labtop!?

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Your Open Question: People in cars don't care about other people on the road?

People may claim they care about others, but they lie.YOU don't care about others. You do not care where others need to go. You don't care if others are late for where they are going.If you are n... Read More »

What is the best brand for a labtop?

I am not sure about the best, but dont buy an HP!! I have had mine for just over one year and have had to send it back twice for three seperate problems, and just recently the speaker "blew". I w... Read More »

How do i get picture on to my labtop?

You should have the SD card in the camera. Then you take the cable that you connect to your camera, and plug it in the USB outlet on your computer.A popup window will open and you should be able t... Read More »

Which is better, a labtop or an mp3 player?

Laptop--it will play MP3 files and do so much more. An MP3 player will do only that, play MP3 files.