Hi, my pc is very slow due to virus.?

Answer AVG antivirus is your best bet. The free version is licensed for home use only and it has an excellent track record. It eliminates both viruses and spyware and doesn't slow down your PC. http://fre... Read More »

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HP Pavillion MX70 - Is very very slow to do anything, I have broadband and Microsoft Office is very slow aswel?

u may need more programs to remove adware. i have the same pc. i use ad-aware and spybot twice a week to keep it running fast, check out to download programs that remove adware. hope t... Read More »

My pc is very slow, via internet. Modem is ok. Have done virus scan. Any ideas?

download xoftspy from the following link…use the following serialName: joejoeS/N: 1111111112 1213444305and ccleaner from the following linkhttp://www.cclea... Read More »

My pc is very slow and infectec with virus, i don't have funds rightnow, is there any temporary measure?

As a couple of others have suggested,try AVG free version.If you will have funds available in a short while I would download a free trial version of symantic anti-virus or Trend microvirus.Personal... Read More »

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?