Hi ive got self harm scars that i need to hide any ideas how to do it?

Answer my friend got some special make up, like foundation, which totally covers up scars. she got it from her doctor.but if you don't want to talk to your doctor, you could try normal foundation.and to ... Read More »

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How to hide Self Harm scars/Cuts?

Wear a wristband or two. Or wrap up one arm with an ace bandage and say you pulled a muscle in your arm or something. Have a big watch? wear it. Or bring a light jacket or sweatshirt and drape it... Read More »

Scars and Self Harm Advice?

I used to do the same thing. The scars will fade, get a tan. But trust me, it's really not that hard to quit. I quit a year ago. You'll get tempted again when things get hard, but you can do it. Ju... Read More »

How to hide self arm scars at work?

As un imaginative as it is try using your skin colored make up on your arm and on the scared area and if it's still visible I know this sounds stupid but just go with the flow most people... Read More »

How do I hide bite(self harm) marks in the bath?

Your mum sees you in the bath? When im in the bath no1 is comin in and the door is locked:D:DIf the bite marks are gone just say to her that you bumpesd it today or somethin, you cant hide them cus... Read More »