Hi if i am 18 still at sixth form can i get some other benefits apart from EMA?

Answer You can't go on the dole & get JSA if you're in education but if you can't live at home I think you can get some kind of Income Support, but there has to be a real reason why you can't live at home... Read More »

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Apart from alcohol what are some other things that affect the fetus?

Answer As far as I am aware of here are some other things: illegal drugs, narcotics, x-rays, some prescription medications (birth control pills, etc.), some over the counter medications (ibuprofen... Read More »

Apart from inheriting diabetes,what other way can you get it?

Well, first of all it isn't a proven fact that you can inherit diabetes, though that issue is being researched by endocrinologists. The truth---there is speculation that it is hereditary to carry a... Read More »

How can you tell homeopathic remedies apart from each other?

Because it is virtually impossible - you do the same thing you do in telling two allopathic practitioners apart from each other. To decide which one is useful or useless and tell the difference bet... Read More »

Apart from the google search is there any other tool available for finding?

Blekko Altavista Forestle Hakia www.hakia.comDuckDuckGo Ask Kosmix www.kosmix.... Read More »