Hi i have a painfull toothache,help with anything to take for the pain please?

Answer you could get some clove oil, or if you cant get to the shops now take paracetamol

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Does pain in the back have anything to do with pregnancy in the first 2 weeks?

Answer Usually not but it can do if the baby is laying close to the kidneys. This usually only happens during the third trimester though.

Please help. i have a child with a severe earache i have used the pain ear drops and its not helped at all,i?

I picked my daughter up from school a few weeks ago, and she was sitting in her teachers lap screaming to the top of her lungs because of her ears. I took her straight to the doctor, and they said ... Read More »

Idk if i have a toothache or if it is my gum that hurt. is there anything i can do to get rid of the pain?

You can use any OTC pain killer to relieve the pain or go to dentist and get checkup done and take the medications prescribed by him.Home Remedies for Toothache1. Clove oil is often used as an effe... Read More »

Is there anyone out there that needs a little help With life With pain With... anything?

Very kind of you but no thanks................