Hi guys.plz help.i am addicted to masturbation......?

Answer No its harmless, fap all you want, I do.

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Am I a sexual freak or addicted to sex/masturbation?

Were you abused as a child? I was, and like you, I knew about sexual things and touched myself from an early age as well. I was aware of it early on. Sex also consumes a lot of my thoughts, and I m... Read More »

Masturbation ... :-/?

It's not disgusting. It's a part of maturing. You will think you're doing to too much in the beginning, but soon will realize you're not. Masturbation is a part of maturing, and a way to connect wi... Read More »

Is Masturbation a "sin"?

no, it just feels good.a normal body function.something you can do avatar loves your avatar.


wow, you must really miss your boyfriend......Is he really that good.....or are you just that in love with your anyway.....i don't think anything is wrong with it.......