Hi guys, mind leaving a comment or 2 on this vid :3?

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Can you guys please watch this video and comment?

Posted a comment. It was a good video, and I do find it heartbreaking that these children in Africa suffer so. However the basis for this seems to be a fight against inequality, which is futile. It... Read More »

GIRLS: do you mind it when a guys boxers are showing?

wear them on your head and then everybody can see them. That looks stupid and this question is asked way too many times every day. Have some pride in the way you look !

Do girls mind when guys wear their pants low?

yeah its ugly but you cant put them up too high.

Do girls mind it when guys wear their jeans low?

I like it and im a 15 year old girl. it shows her you have a naughty/adventurous guy. That is SO HOT.... just dont were them down to your knees. haha. thats tacky. but ya... a little saggin turns ... Read More »