Hi friends..which is the best language or java or php in gujarat?

Answer Maybe you should look at jobs around your area and see what is in demand and then tailor your learning to that. I can't say which is better or worse, but each language is useful in some ways, all o... Read More »

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Do you need to know the java programming language to do java scriptinga?

Simple answer: No.When "JavaScript" was invented, Java was the hot new language and Netscape picked a name with Java in it just to get attention. There's no real connection beyond that. The borin... Read More »

How to Enable Java Language in Your Current Browser?

Websites often use Java applets written in Java programming language to run interactive elements like games. The plug-in Java Runtime Evironment must be installed and enabled in your browser in ord... Read More »

How to Resolve a Java Language Out of Memory Error?

Java Out of Memory Errors are not due to lack of physical memory on the PC, but rather improper configuration of the Java Runtime Environment. Java, version 1.6 (update 10) and later, allows you to... Read More »

Which programming language should I learn next, Java or python?

Neither. If you already learned one, then move forward to advanced topics, not laterally to other languages.