Hi does anyone know how to get television on my pc?

Answer buy a ati all in wonder TV card and install it then hook up the cable to that and walla

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OKI Television remote. Does anyone know the key code to make the sky remote work the television?

press the intractive button ur remote.. then go to remote setup.. and that will have all the TV list names and the codes... if it aint there then it refers you to the sky customer service.. but che... Read More »

Does anyone know what HD in terms of a television stands for?

High Definition - it projects images at a higher resolution than standard TV, but only if the signal is broadcast in HD...HDTV is defined as 1080 active lines, 16 x 9 aspect ratio in ITU-R BT.709. ... Read More »

Anyone know a good television brand?

Def LG for me or sony like others have mentioned but i think you should def go to your nearest best buy or best there t.v's are good to look at as well also they have consumer reports for a... Read More »

Does anyone know how to even skin tone, my skin isnt the best and i want to even it out, does anyone know how?

Try Apple Cider Vinegar. Smells weird but works extremely well.Just take a cotton ball and sock it with the apple cider vinegar diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio and pat it all over your face befor... Read More »