Hi can anyone help me my pc keeps crashing and then a blue screen comes up ?

Answer Download SlimDrivers and SlimCleaner from : both programs then run SlimDrivers you will have to register but both the programs are freeWhen you run SlimDriver... Read More »

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Emerson slide show red screen then green screen then blue screen how can i fix this?

It is in a test/service mode. You need to read the manual, or find a service manual to exit that mode.

Help--skype keeps crashing?

Just got the fix from Skype support:Please go to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/14:52:44 MESZ Delete the file shared.xml (it will be recreated once you open Skype again, this is fin... Read More »

My computer screen keeps flashing on and off it pising me off can anyone help me resolve my problem?

You just have to know it can be anything from a power supply to a Video card to any other part going bad, or a software problem... We need more informationNow as the other post has said you have an... Read More »

My Cursor keeps dissapearing from the screen when I type ,can anyone help please?

This is a mouse option. To deactivate it:In Windows XP:1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.2. Click Printers and other hardware.3. Click Mouse.4. Click Pointer Options.5. Uncheck Hide poin... Read More »