Hi all , excuse me for being a bit dim but?

Answer You send them as a text message to your email address instead of a number. Once you open the email, you right click on the image and 'save as' to whatever folder you want to save it in. I don't kno... Read More »

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What is your excuse for being poor?

It all starts with family. From generation to generation you have to instill in your kids to be as successful as possible, to go to college, to get that good job, and to raise their kids the same w... Read More »

What is your excuse for being up so early?

Excuse me for being stupid but what does ie mean?

abbreviation for the Lating word "id est"It usually means: "That is (to say)", "in other words", or sometimes "in this case", depending on the context used.In computing, it usually refers to intern... Read More »

How to Make Up a Good Excuse for Your Homework Not Being Finished?

Okay, okay, so your homework isn't done. Here are some suggestions to help you come up with a great excuse for not having finished it.