Hi, What time do u go bed to sleep if u work for 9am the next morning.?

Answer Yes, the dam pc!! I'm usually on here til 12, then go to bed and read for an hour! I have to leave at 7.30am aswell so I usually get up at 7.15, alarm starts ringing at 6.30 but I ignore it, then ... Read More »

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When its time to sleep, what kinds of things do you keep next to your bed?

I keep my phone, pain killers like ibuprofen, rolaids, and a glass of water.

What time do you go to bed if you have work in the morning?

It doesn't matter!Usually I go to bed at 2.00 in the morning

Does the morning after pill work until your next period?

no.. the box says it only works up to three days after but ive herd people say they used it a week after and it worked

If u didnt have work, school, or anything to do the next day, WHAT TIME would u wake up?

i sleep at 7 or 830 am! wake up at 3 4 5 or 6 pm!