Hi, What time do u go bed to sleep if u work for 9am the next morning.?

Answer Yes, the dam pc!! I'm usually on here til 12, then go to bed and read for an hour! I have to leave at 7.30am aswell so I usually get up at 7.15, alarm starts ringing at 6.30 but I ignore it, then ... Read More »

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What time do you go to bed if you have work in the morning?

It doesn't matter!Usually I go to bed at 2.00 in the morning

During the work week do you try to go to sleep early What time is early for you?

Yes I do, I work mondays through thursdays and then sunday. I usually go to bed around 10:30 and then I get up at 5am.

How can you wake up in the morning after having very little sleep?

I know what you mean! I go to bed around midnight and try and wake up around 6am (try). What I do is basically put my head into a state where I'm absolutely petrified of not waking up in the mornin... Read More »

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