Hi I'm bad at make any advise?

Answer Practice makes perfect. Make sure you use colors that work well with your skin tone. Some colors might wash you out. Or don't use colors that are too dark.

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Kissing advise?

Can you advise me please!?

His system should maintain the installation of Norton, but any settings that changes within the program will most likely return to default.

TV Licensing, can you advise me?

If, like me, you're on the Cash Easy Entry scheme, you need to keep paying ahead all the time. I had a letter this morning reminding me that I'd missed last week's payment and this week's is due i... Read More »

Advise on camcorders please?

i think night vision is a gimmick. if you can swing it get a HD cam if possible. also, i think (but am not sure) that hard drive cameras compress your signal and will make it less than best quality... Read More »