Hi, I'm 17yold and 5'5..will I still grow tall.?

Answer As you sound like a late bloomer your growth spurt must still be coming so with a growth spurt you could eventually reach 6'0+ after the age of 18 or even after 21 as guys sometimes keep growing un... Read More »

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How many people still watch cartoons i mean come on u can grow up but u never wana grow up too much right?

Well, I watch them with my 2 year old but I would really be hooked if they still played Yogi Bear around here. I miss him.

How do you grow tall?

To improve your height - raise your hands and touch your feet without bending your knee joint, you stretch your body and this will make your hormone work better than before. Keep yourself hydrated ... Read More »

How tall do hyacinths grow?

Hyacinths grow 12 inches tall and spread 8 to 12 inches wide. This upright spring flower is a perennial bulb that appears as the last winter snows are melting. Hyacinths are used in rock gardens, c... Read More »

How tall can a giraffe grow?

Male giraffes can grow to be up to 18 feet tall and female giraffes can grow to be up to 16 feet tall. Giraffes feed on shrubs, trees and other plants and can consume as much as 140 lbs. of foliage... Read More »