Hi! I really need to know some information about buying a canon EF LENSES! ASAP!?

Answer Augment your kit lens, you need a telezoom, and if you are on a budget then the Canon EF-s 55-250 is a good a lens as you'll get without spending £500.Check out ebay, some sellers have it for arou... Read More »

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What are some basics you need to know about buying a HDTV?

Your question is very important for which I think you should go online and check this out: :)

Where can i read information about canon a720 positive and negative lenses?

There are really many sites where you can get detailed information about canon a720 and its specificationsCanon website

I need some facts about Switzerland Answer asap please?… Hope this helps.

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When you decide on a particular condominium unit, you can research these documents and otherwise learn more about the community into which you're buying: Read the last three years' worth of board m... Read More »