Hi, I need to find out what word if typed in to google will only find one website?

Answer I have seen this question asked before in tech blogs, to my knowledge, there is no answer yet.

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If my friend typed something inappropriate into google and went on a bad website, can my parents find out?

Have you ever typed your name in google if so what did you find?

When I put my Full name in, I find that someone shares my name and he was a delegate, a United States Representative, and a U.S. Senator from Montana. He was born on October 30th 1584 and died on S... Read More »

Is there a way to record what is being typed on my computer I need to find out a password to my kids myspace?

There are programs called "keylogger" programs which do just as the title says. You can go to for info on it. I've provided a link below just because I like to go the extra mile to help o... Read More »

What website can you go to find people besides google?