Hi I just want to know how I can mask the smell of Bacardi on my breath Thanks?

Answer by not drinking any.

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Any information about JVC GRD77OU camcorder. Please help. Just want to know what you think about it. Thanks.?

I would consider it is a good camcorderJVC GRD770 MiniDV CamcorderFeatures 1/6-inch 680,000 pixel CCD, 34x optical zoom and 800x digital hyper-zoom2.7-inch widescreen Clear LCD; 16:9 video modeDual... Read More »

How to know when your breath stinks Not asking people to smell for you.. HELP?

The best and only way I find works is this.Lick your wrist, count to 10 slowly, and smell. If you notice an odor, that is what everyone else smells when you talk/breathe.

How often do you look in the mirror and tell yourself i love you Just curious to know. Thanks.?

every single day because it took me a long time to learn that if I don't love myself how can I expect other people to love me.

Pregnant friends.. Just to let you know what happened if you want to know.. ?

As I said in my answer to your other question, I am so sorry hun. I really cried when I read your news earlier and have been thinking of you all afternoon.To answer your question, the hcg will take... Read More »