Hi I just want to know how I can mask the smell of Bacardi on my breath Thanks?

Answer by not drinking any.

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Why does a cat's breath smell so bad?

Bad breath is often a sign of a health problem in people. Cats are no different. If your cat has bad breath, or halitosis, it can be a sign of one of many different health conditions and concerns.G... Read More »


You might have chronic halitosis, which has many possible causes. Make sure you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth, and you can try using mouthwash after you brush your teeth. Keep your fl... Read More »

How Close do you have to be to someone to smell their bad breath?

close enough for them to see my nose-blocking mucus.-bf jb nm

Why Does a Puppy's Breath Smell So Bad?

The offensive odor coming from your puppy's mouth is known as halitosis, or bad breath. Dealing with a puppy's bad breath can be challenging for many pet owners, as it can be very difficult to elim... Read More »