Hi I have found a virus called JS/Downloader.Agent?

Answer try doing a free online scan and removal at bitdefender or trendmicro housecall

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I have AVG Anti-Virus, and I guess my computer has 156 Trojans, only 77 were found..?

Well' I can tell you this. It is possible to have 156 trojans on your machine and it still start up and run. It might not run right but it will run. Mine' Back in the day before i finally opened up... Read More »

Latest version of Avast found files it can't scan, do I have virus or is this normal?

Q: When the file scanning is finished, avast! comes up with a number of files listed as "unable to scan", even though I have used a thorough scan. Should I be concerned?A: Some files are permanentl... Read More »

How to remove trojan virus found through Malwarebytes Scan?

try with this antivirus online (… click start scanner - step by step click , wait to loading , right click with toolbar - install active x control ... in ... Read More »

I have a procedure called clamshell clamp for my heart. I have what's called ventricular septal Deffect. I?

Did you seriously have this procedure without asking these questions from your actual doctor first?That's the person you need to be talking to.