Hi! Does anybody have "Maravanda" in the Contact List?

Answer Possibilities: 1º) Is a ghost, habria that to avusar to the fanaticosof religion and espiritualidad to him; there are some are volveriancrazy of contentments. 2º) I buy the answers in algun balan... Read More »

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Ladies: How many of the men in your emergency contact list have a really cool 'stache?

Just you. I mean, there ARE a few other mustaches that I would consider rubbing around on my body, but your mustache is really the only one that I constantly fantasize about. In fact, I find myse... Read More »

How do you delete a contact from contact list?

you go options and scroll down untill you find the ord delete and press the middle button of your phone but you have to be on contacts and make sure youre on the name you want to delete

Does anybody here have hip dysplacia or have treated it?

Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) refers to abnormal hip growth, which appears in several forms.- Mild: The soft tissues surrounding the hip joint are not tight enough to hold the thighbone... Read More »

I have to find a movie about anti social personality disorder does anybody have any suggestions and know any?