Hi Can i import my mp4 files to WINDOW MOVIE MAKER?

Answer no. download and install camtasia... its just like Movie Maker but it accepts formats like MP4

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How to import files on JVC to windows movie maker?

You did not tell us which JVC hard disc drive camcorder.If standard definition video, then it saves TOD files. If high definition video then it saves MOD files. In either case, most video editors c... Read More »

How can i get my mod files from my everio hdd camcorder to import into movie maker?

I have the exact same problem. I marked this question with a star. I want to find out too.Added: 4/14Thanks TiddiVisual.

Why Windows Movie Maker doesn't let me import .avi files recorded with the Gopro Hd Hero 2 camera?

MP4 and AVI are both container files, not video formats. WMM doesn't support the video format recorded by the GoPro or (I assume) the GoPro Cineform codec. Rather than screw up the quality of the ... Read More »

How Can I Import My Homemade Movie to Movie Maker?

Windows Live Movie Maker is a video editing application typically bundled with the Windows operating system. If you've got a few home movies you've taken on your camcorder, you can use Windows Live... Read More »