Hi All just to let you know?

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I get self -conscious. So i'd just like to know... am i just plain unattractive?

I wonder how many of us know each other but just don't know it's us!?

You made me smile! I think about that every single time I get on Y/A! I say we all be proud of each other that we are mothers (or fathers) and support each other in the tough but rewarding time in ... Read More »

Pregnant friends.. Just to let you know what happened if you want to know.. ?

As I said in my answer to your other question, I am so sorry hun. I really cried when I read your news earlier and have been thinking of you all afternoon.To answer your question, the hcg will take... Read More »

Just to let everyone know?

Congratulations! I looked you up as soon as i got here, and was so happy to find this post. Does this mean I can't call you Mack anymore? Well, a deal's a deal I guess. I'm so happy for you. L... Read More »