Hey,what is the best cheese out there that you know...?

Answer Smoked ones, they make them here plain or with other ingredients such as herbs, peppers, garlic etc. They are delicious and I can eat them by themselves. Nothing else needed.For cooking however I u... Read More »

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Are there any grants out there that pay for cosmetic surgery needs I know loans will, but i dont want that!!!?

Yes, there are grants out there. You have to do the research. Also some schools pay for your cosmetic surgery after you enroll into their programs. Some hospitals also pay for the cosmetic surge... Read More »

I know that there are cars that are considered "girl cars" are there motorcycles like that too?

only if a girl is riding it does it officially become a 'girl's bike', although i have yet to see a cruiser that comes out of the factory with a hot pink paint job; then i could see that could be a... Read More »

Is there any chinese dishes that have cheese?

No, and my Chinese roommate is pretty leery of cheese.

I heard that some cheese that goes on to pizzas is not real cheese?

Good lord, Daisy is so biased against vegan eating that she is woefully ignorant of food and nutrition! Get back to the real world daisy. There ARE "fake" foods outside of the vegan food aisle.Info... Read More »