Hey what do you think People with youtube accounts are welcome!?

Answer cool! please check out my channel...

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Whats up with youtube accounts?

if what you are saying is true, I can't deal with it. I'm not doing that. I'm really going to miss youtube

Is it possible to use YouTube for storing my YouTube videos Alternatives are welcome-?

The best thing to do is to just get another hard drive and start storing on to that one.I always store my videos on a hard drive even after I put them up. That way if I need to go back and use the ... Read More »

Are you fed up with people opening up new accounts to troll other users?

It keeps me from coming on here as much now Bex :-(I come on here to have a bit of fun, lighten the load after a normally stressful day at work.What's the point though when you log on and it's trol... Read More »

Do you think the videos on youtube of people coming home from the dentist are real?

It's difficult to tell, some are real and others staged. I wouldn't be surprised if most were fake, the things people do for views are astonishing.