Hey my house computer wont work....i really need help.?

Answer Call Geek Squad.

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Computer with blu-ray wont play through tv copyright message comes up and movie shuts down plays fine on computer?

What is the best computer cleaner that wont harm my computer?

CCleaner is a decent program to clear your history, remove installed programs etc. You can download it for free at or just google CCleaner. Hope that helped

My outside AC unit wont cut on but the fan in the house blows when i turn it on. What's wrong?

check and see if its frozen outside. Look down the shroud and see if there is ice. If so, let it thaw for 24 hours. #2 your coolant is low and you need a refill. #3 turn the dial all the way down t... Read More »

Had my house rewired by a certified electrician who wont certify his work what can i do?

hi there dont listen to what the other people are saying as it would cost you an arm and a leg to sue the guy or gal - there is an organisation that deals with all things electrical so you must con... Read More »