Hey my computer minister display is not the right color!!?

Answer Did you check the cable that connects your monitor to your graphics card? That sounds like a loose cable or one of the pins on the cable may be bent.

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My computer display color is very faded, especially on the left.?

You didn't mention if the monitor is the large CRT or a new flat screen. If it is the large CRT unit there is a menu button somewhere. Poke around in the menu until you find the "degauze" option ... Read More »

How to Fix Color Display Problems in Vista?

You may often experience color problems while running games, graphics processing software and software in Vista that are designed for older versions of Windows. If the colors on your computer aren'... Read More »

Why Indian Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav is the best Railway Minister Other than his PreviousSuccessors?

because he is perhaps the only minsiter who has given profit in railways.till he joined,railways was always in losses worth crores.and after he joined as railways minister,railways not only covered... Read More »

How many colors can a cell phone of 16-bit color display?

A 16-bit color display on a cellular phone can show up to 65,536 different colors. The 16-bit display has two bytes per pixel and has more versatility than the 8-bit display, which only shows 256 c... Read More »