Hey ladies...wait till you hear this one...?

Answer I read the same thing. It IS pretty impressive. I don't particularily care for the whole dumb "tomkat/suri" thing,but yes....that is an impressive feat!

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If you apply for Britain's got talent how long will it be till you hear from them?

They will contact you to give you the time and place for the next round of auditions once they are determined.

What is this I hear about this being free?

Is he sending it all around the world to feed the poor.

Am out of cigarettes till this weekend?

Chew some minty gum. I'm not sure if it will help you, but that's how I quit smoking. Now I'm addicted to gum...

How long till i can eat this again after wisdom teeth pulled?

i had mine out on a friday a few months ago, and i started eating regular after like 5-7 days