Hey guys, im looking for a place to buy a WHOLE lamb in Chester, pa. PLEASE HELP?

Answer The Country Butcher down on South Walnut Street should be able to fill that order.

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Place to have a sweet 16 party in Chester county PA?

have it in your back yard like a normal person..nobody but you actually gives a **** that you're turning 16

How to Substitute Lamb Shoulder Chops for Lamb Shanks?

In order to substitute lamb shoulder chops for lamb shanks, you have to cook the chops the same way you would cook the shanks. Lamb shank is a cut from the arm of the shoulder that contains leg bon... Read More »

How to Get Changed in a Public Place ( for Guys)?

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For guys and girls...were is the BEST place on the body for a FEMALE to have a tattoo?

Common tattoo spots for a woman:1. Back of shoulder2. Lower back/bikini line (reffered to as the "tramp stamp")3. Ankle4. Backside of the wrist5. Side of the hipsThere you are sweetheart!