Hey everyone! I just survived dental work, will you compliment me?

Answer Hellz yea!(que in Queen,we are the champions)roll out the red carpet! (you're Que to walk down the red carpet: wave and smile with your temporary swollen smile like you are under the best laughing... Read More »

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I just survived dental work, can you compliment me?

Tooth with prior dental work just re busted?

Typically a dentist would recement the cap at no charge for the first year, but after 6 years there would be a charge to put the cap back on. This is a common occurrence and the cap will eventually... Read More »

Don't you think everyone adult should experience labor pain Just so everyone knows how much fun it really is♥?

EEEEK my first grey chest hair! Should I buy a bottle of Just For Men, or will a Sharpie work just as well?

Sharpie is the better way to go...but 1 or 2....I think that's hawt...shows you know what you're doing, experience wise...just as long as there aren't any south of the equator, if you catch my drif... Read More »