Hey dont u think some1 should ask a question about instant messanger problems?

Answer yeah- I think we should all ask and then go answer each others questions and cash in on the points because of the lack of info we have gotten about it from yahoo

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Why is it that I had less health problems why on drugs than I do now that I dont do them?

I think it happened to me the same way...because you never saw a doctor before.

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… can some1 help me?

My computer has gone mega slow some1 help?

You should have formatted the hard drive first. If you dont then you will still have the problem files and malicious software present.

Period crap. girls only. guys, u probably dont want to hear about my lady problems.?

When you first start getting your period it is very, very erratic. The more you worry about it and stress about it, the less likely it is to arrive. Don't worry, your monthly friend will be here so... Read More »