Hey can anyone help me with calculating a shannon weiner index with excel?

Answer The Shannon Index is a measurement used to compare diversity between habitat samples. This comparison can be between two different habitats or a comparison of one habitat over time. The actual form... Read More »

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Having issues with Excel...can anyone help me out?

I sent you an email....Edit: YAY!!!! Glad to help!!! (((Socrates)))

Is there anyone out there that needs a little help With life With pain With... anything?

Very kind of you but no thanks................

Can anyone help us to achieve a cooker hood with an appearance of a fireplace with corbels etc?

try this link their stuff is really easy to work with and not too expensive and the company is very helpful

Anyone know how to work with excel using vba in outlook 2003?

Getting to the Visual Basic Editor from within a Microsoft Office application only requires you to use the shortcut key combination of ALT+F11. Once there, you can use the menu selection of TOOLS ... Read More »