Hey can anyone help me with calculating a shannon weiner index with excel?

Answer The Shannon Index is a measurement used to compare diversity between habitat samples. This comparison can be between two different habitats or a comparison of one habitat over time. The actual form... Read More »

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Calculating yearly percentages changes in Excel?

If you have your initial value of $0.15 in cell A1, then the following formula could be entered into cell A2: =A1 + ( A1 * 0.07 )You may wish to first Format that result value to show it in Curren... Read More »

How to Make a 3X5 Index Card Tower Using 20 Index Cards?

Index card tower building is an assignment given by teachers to students to help them understand the basics of physics. The requirement of the assignment can be height, strength or stability from t... Read More »

If you cut off your weiner does it grow back?

Well time will tell. I hope it does. What a shame it would be if the world was deprived of the children you might have had. It sounds like you are on your way to becoming quite a chef. How about su... Read More »

Who manufactures the weiner dog earbuds?

Those used to be offered by but looks like they are now discontinued. There are a lot of other styles novelty earbuds you can find online. A good deal of them are made b... Read More »