Hey! Is it true that the big Pharma and doctors say that natural rememdies...?

Answer No that is an Altie myth.....almost canonical, but a myth just the same. Unfortunately, the more idiots repeat nonsense, the more other idiots think it is true. Look at the Republican party in th... Read More »

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Is it true, doctors are the third leading cause of death after heart-attack and cancer in USA,?

It wouldn't surprise me they nearly killed me I have photographic evidence and all the paperwork maybe I will write a small book about my experience.

Is it true, doctors are third leading cause of death, after heart-attack and cancer in USA.?

Yes, it's true, but the number is a little off.… says it should be 225,000 (between unneccessary surgeries, medication errors in the hospital, other error... Read More »

Why do doctors keep telling people that natural medicine doesn't work?

because they are generally aiming to resolve your symptoms and not to heal you from the source of the ill health.i've yet to meet one person who is actually deficient in otc and prescription meds.p... Read More »

Do these mosquito bite home rememdies work?

I am allergic to them as well and my bites swell up larger than yours, I haven't tried any of those remedies but I know that bananas attract more mosquitoes so I would avoid using that, I also woul... Read More »