Hey Hippies! Whats that crystal you swipe under your pit to keep the stank away?

Answer Chakra says WHAT?

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Whats a problem with your knee that will never go away?

Chondromalacia. I have it and it is painful. Here is a website.

What causes pimples under your armpit that won't go away?

What Causes Pimples under Your Armpit? The first answer that leaps to mind is a heat rash, which you can usually cure by keeping the area very clean and dry. Talcum powder, loose shirts, all help. ... Read More »

How do you keep raccoons away Or what's a good animal repellent that keeps them away?

take cayenne pepper and put it in a spray bottle with water. then spritz it around your tent.when they go near it/sniff it it makes their eyes and nose sting,but doesn't actually hurt them. they wi... Read More »

Plants That Keep Wasps Away?

Since wasps, also known as yellow jackets, prey on many insects that destroy plants, not many plants have evolved to repel them. However, if wasps are a nuisance to you, and you prefer a natural me... Read More »