Hey Hippies! Whats that crystal you swipe under your pit to keep the stank away?

Answer Chakra says WHAT?

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How to Use Stunk or Stank Properly?

How do you want to sound?So you said stunk and someone made a face at you! Should it be stank? Oh dear, what's the difference? The past tense of stink can be rather confusing. Read on to become an ... Read More »

How do I get the stank of filthy muggle from my sofa?

Set it outside to air out. If it really smells that bad, you will go through the trouble of moving it.

Hairstyles for Hippies?

If hippies had just one part of their physical appearance to define them, it was their hair. Whether you are dressing like a hippie for Halloween, a costume party or just for everyday life, choosin... Read More »

Can you tell me what´s the brand and the model of those car truck´s the hippies usually had?

Did you miss the big VW on the front?Volkswagon, I believed they called them the microbus over here.In Germany, they are referred to as the T1.…