Hey Hey this is my 100th Question : Do you remember how to use DOS?

Answer Yes-Thats what they had in school when I was in school and it was hard for me to convert to windows but I found out windows is a lot easier to use-My first cpu was a IBM...

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What question would you ask James Cameron about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking?

What was the most poignant moment for you personally that truly touched your life about the disaster and being able to see the wreckage for yourself?

** JONAS QUESTION ** don't you guys remember when..?

Your Open Question: Do you guys remember Megan fox in hope and faith?

I do remember.What exactly happen is that she made breast implant.Look at this picture of her back then and now.…

Looking for a show aired in the 90s from what you remember it was about aliens was set in a desert and you distinctly remember a scene with some sort of webbing any help would be appreciated?