Here's my post-apocalyptic plan--what do you think & what's yours?

Answer It is never a bad idea to learn how to become more self-sufficient, but try not to obsess about future catastophes to the point where you don't enjoy your life. No one knows how much time they hav... Read More »

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Baby names! Any you can think of! Post one or,Post a ton! Just POST!?

Girls:SavannahAmandaAliciaElizabethKatieEmilySamanthaEmmaMadisonIsabelleNicoleJessiceAshlyAmyKimberlyKimAnnaAnnabelleKelsyBrookeMeganAbbieMakaylahZoeyMariahGracieMacyKaysieBrooklynChloeMelissaBoys:... Read More »

My fav drink is Guinness whats yours?

Your doctor is not in the network of your new medical plan but is in your wifes can you continue seeing your doctor under your wife's plan and use yours to see a specialist?

Answer If you are on your wife's insurance policy you ought to be able to see any doctor that is offered by your insurance co.

What are your favorite apocalyptic movies?

The original "War of the Worlds" with Gene Barry."The Time Machine" of 1960 was awesome - the remake sucked in my opinion."Independence Day" - I know it was a Summer Blockbuster but I liked it anyw... Read More »