Here is part of my grocery list,what would you add?

Answer Great deals so far, I would only search for some Chicken, Turkey or Sausages if they have the great pricing like I see here! Your NY strips are a great price, but you holding time is less in the f... Read More »

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I would like to grow pecans in the Yokohama area of Japan. What varieties would do well here?

I'm a bit out of my orb here in experience however in the US areas a listed as Zones. Zones have a LOT to do with the average temperature. Check on what Zone Yokohama is, then follow advice On Li... Read More »

IF I gave you 20 dollars what would you buy at the grocery store?

Where would I find tofu at a grocery store?

Refrigated section. Not frozen aisle but near there. Tofu needs to be keep cold but could be frozen but most stores dont freeze it. Try some smaller Oriental stores that might have it. Otherwise, i... Read More »

How much would you pay someone to do your weekly grocery shopping?

I wouldn't pay someone else. I like getting the things I need and comparing prices and trying to find the best bargin. I wouldn't want someone else to do that for me.