Herbs to Help Your Hair Grow?

Answer Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on expensive products that promise to help them grow their hair. The fact is, many of these products are not effective and they contain chemicals that ... Read More »

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How to Help Hair Grow With Natural Herbs?

You don't need to resort to a wig or hair extensions to create the illusion of having hair that grows bountifully. Natural methods are available to induce hair growth. Some of these methods involve... Read More »

How to Add Herbs to Your Shampoo to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

It is not all in your head. If it seems like your hair takes forever to grow, you may be right! Even if your shampoo is good for moisturizing and adding volume, it may not be filling in the "cracks... Read More »

Which herbs can you grow with your vegetables to help repel insects?

Try Chrysanthemums. They have a natural insecticide called pyrethrum. Answer Most aromatic herbs will help repel garden pests. The volatile oils they give off interfere with the chemical sensors in... Read More »

Can washing your hair with eggs help your hair grow?

yesTRY THISNatural homemade tips - hot oil massages on hair.Hot Oil massages with Egg & HoneyOh yeh! This is really a cute mix to do a hot oil head massage. This will give a new life to brittle hai... Read More »