Herbs for Bugs Repellent on the Skin?

Answer Insect bites can not only cause discomfort, but also serious illness. Nobody wants to be insect food, but people are often put off by chemical insect repellents. Fortunately, many herbs can be appl... Read More »

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Will coating my house heavily in insect repellent keep bugs out?

We use Ortho Home Defense Max, and have no bugs, even in the summer. My husband sprays a protective barrier around the perimeter of our house, and the bugs don't cross it. Even in the garage/baseme... Read More »

What Herbs to Plant Near Tomatoes to Prevent Bugs?

Companion planting takes advantage of mutually beneficial relationships among plants in the garden. Some plants cause changes to the soil that are helpful to neighbors, while others repel pests. By... Read More »

You have grown beans snow peas cabbage what herbs do you grow to keep bugs out?

In all vegetable markets and super markets you will get parsley. கொத்தமல்லி தழைIt is called as "kothamalli ' in Tamilnadu, ask for "kothamalli leaves"

Herbs for Skin Blemishes?

Although acne and skin blemishes can come from clogged pores and external influences, there are also internal systemic reasons for skin blemishes. To treat systemic blemishes, you need to detoxify ... Read More »